Pavel & Yana

bernardazzi, UA

When every second of your wedding day could be an editorial in vintage Vogue Italia —

The weddings that tug at our heartstrings the most are the ones like Pavel and Yana's that remind us of pages in magazines: the glamorous, romantic, stylish and effortlessly elegant.
The reason we love them is because they remind us of what influences our art, and what inspired us to be photographers in the first place!
We love getting to capture those moments in our style because it means you get to look back on your day & see yourself as the bride you’ve day dreamed of being since you were a child; feeling the same emotions that you felt whilst flicking through your Mother’s fashion magazines and thinking “that could be me one day” ♡

Getting Ready

Preparation Unveiled: Capturing the Essence of Anticipation. The intimate moments before 'I Do' unfold as we document the bride and groom getting ready, a chapter of excitement and beauty. From nervous laughter to quiet reflection, we capture the emotions and details that set the stage for an unforgettable wedding day

Bridal Portraits

Grace and Beauty Personified: Cherishing the Bride's Stunning Portraits

Groom's Portraits

Capturing Strength and Style: Documenting the Groom's Handsome Portraits


A Sacred Union: Relive the Emotional Moments as Two Hearts Become One. Our Captivating Ceremony Photos Preserve the Beauty of Vows, Tears, and Joyous Celebrations

Couple Portraits

Embracing Moments of Love: Yana & Pavel's Couple Portraits Reflect the Tender Intimacy and Passionate Connection They Share


Let the Celebration Begin: Our Vibrant Party Photos Capture the Energy, Excitement, and Pure Fun of Your Wedding Reception. Relive the Dancing, Laughter, and Unforgettable Memories